Why Choose Tez Life & Style Coaching?

A body that is strong, fit and energetic, eating tasty and healthy food without the feeling of being on a diet and a clothing style that matches your personality. In addition, you also want to be successful in your work, have a great social life and spend enough time with your family.

That is a big challenge that is comparable to a life as a top athlete. A top athlete has a coach who guides him/her in creating a healthy lifestyle, so that the athlete can fully focus on sports (and thus achieve better results). So why not use a coach to help you create your healthy lifestyle?

As a life & style coach I will help you by making a plan together to realize a structurally healthy lifestyle that suits you and where you can enjoy life optimally and also feel good in your body.

Discover a New You

Take the challenge for yourself and join this coaching process.

Discover what it does to you when you REALLY train purposefully; learn to eat responsibly; and find out which clothing styles REALLY translates to what you want to show to the world. We are not aiming for a temporary lifestyle change. This is your new way of life!

Feel More Fit

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. There are obvious goals such as losing weight or gaining muscle are no longer the only reasons for exercising in today’s society.

On the contrary, the fact is that regular exercise provides many other health benefits such as improving concentration, reducing stress, a helping you to get a better night’s sleep, a lower risk of diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. These benefits can be seen as much more important to your overall life and state of wellbeing.

And it is also just nice to feel fit, strong and energetic! That is why structural and targeted training is essential. It helps you feel strong and energetic. Over time chronic illness and other physical symptoms may even be reduced or disappear completely.

Find Your Style

Figuring out what your desired look/image is and which clothing style best fits you. You never get a second chance for a first impression. By determining what you want to show to the world, you can analyze whether your current clothing style is in line with this goal.

This way you can better determine what the first impression others have of you. This approach can apply to both work and private life. Depending on your position at work or your social circle, you want to give a certain impression. If your clothing style does not correspond with this, it may be a distraction to how you want to be perceived by your peers and friends.

You can see a personal clothing style as non-verbal communication and research shows that in communication about 80% is non-verbal. Then wearing the right clothing is essential. Depending on the stage of life you are in, you can always change and improve on this image you want to show the world.

This is why it is advisable to regularly and critically examine whether your clothing style is still appropriate to the impression you want to give at work and in your private life.

Eat Healthy

Learning to eat healthily and responsibly without dieting isn’t an easy task. Like most people you have a busy life and you have little time to find out how you can achieve a healthy diet that fits into your busy schedule.

In addition, finding this out is often complicated and time-consuming and can lead to finding misinformation or trying fad diets. That is why too often a so-called “quick fix” diet are seen as the solution. You lose a lot of weight in a short time by strictly following that diet.

At first these diets work, but they have unfortunately a short-term effect. If there are no long-lasting changes in your eating behavior, when the diet is over you almost always fall into the same old eating habits. The result is that you end up again at the same weight as before and sometimes even become heavier than before the diet.

Therefore it is necessary to work in small steps towards a healthy and responsible diet without feeling like dieting. Such a behavioral change takes time, but the chance of relapse then becomes minimal. The importance of healthy eating is still underestimated. Healthy food also makes you feel fitter and more energetic. At work this can ensure that you are more productive and in private life that you are also more positive and energetic.

Online Coaching

The TEZ Life & Style Coaching app is here to support you outside of your personal coaching sessions.

Here you will find your personal nutrition plan and training schedules with video explanations.

You can also track your progress in the app so that you know exactly how you are performing. And when you have questions, you can always ask me questions via the app.

Available for download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Flexible Locations

The personal training, body measurements and nutrition consultations are offered at three different locations:

  1. Jacob’s Gym – L’Alfas del Pi
  2. TEZ private gym – L’Alfas del Pi
  3. At your home

Please choose the location that is most favorable for you. The personal image/style and wardrobe sessions take place at your home.

Meet Your Coach Tessa Heukels

Online Events

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Below are the packages that I offer for style and personal coaching. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions and more information.

LifeStyle Menu

TEZ offers these services to put together your perfect LifeStyle package.

Intake & Body movement check


Progress measurement & evaluation

€ 25.00 per month

Personal Training

€ 25.00 per half hour / € 50.00 per hour

Lifestyle Coaching

€ 25.00 per half hour

Personal Nutrition Plan + Complete Week Menu

10.00 per month

Unlimited access to the TEZ  coaching app

€ 12.00 per year

Online Workouts by TEZ

€ 8,00 per workout

Image & Styling Consult

€ 50.00 per hour

Wardrobe (clean up) session

€ 50.00 per hour

Personal Shopping

€ 50.00 per hour

Options from € 10.00 / month

All services can be offered online, at home or on location.

LifeStyle Kickstart

Give your new LifeStyle a great start with the LifeStyle Kickstart package.

Intake & Body movement check

Progress measurement & evaluation

Personal Training

Lifestyle Coaching

Personal Nutrition Plan + Complete Week Menu

Unlimited access to the TEZ  coaching app

Online Workouts by TEZ

€ 450,00 / 6 weeks

2 Pers. Price €375 / month p.p.

LifeStyle for life

LifeStyle for life contains all the tools to achieve and maintain your personal goals

Intake & Body movement check

Progress measurement & evaluation

Personal Training

Lifestyle Coaching

Personal Nutrition Plan + Complete Week Menu

Unlimited access to the TEZ  coaching app

Online Workouts by TEZ

€ 315,00 / month

2 Pers. Price €450 / month p.p.

Single coaching sessions: €50 / hour

What My Clients Say

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